[OpenPOWER-HDL-Cores] introducing libre-soc: nmigen hybrid cpu-vpu-gpu

Hugh Blemings hugh at openpowerfoundation.org
Thu Mar 26 23:22:30 UTC 2020

Hi All,

We'd had some discussions about a machine readable form of the ISA 

My -recollection- was that the folk involved were favourably disposed 
towards doing this in at least some form, but lemme go back and see if I 
can't restart that conversation.


On 27/3/20 10:05 am, Hugo Landau wrote:
>> which reminds me: is the source code of the Power ISA Tech Ref Manuals
>> available, and would it happen to be in latex?  if so, it would be a
>> *lot* easier to write a program that parses the latex source code than
>> it would have been for me to manually cut/paste tables from an xpdf
>> view of the V2.07B and V3.0B PDFs.
> The manual is created using FrameMaker, a proprietary typesetting
> system. AFAIK, the input is an XML file which has never been published.
> Having it would be quite useful.
> [1] is an example of a project using this XML file to derive a
> machine-readable specification, as noted in the diagram in the project's
> README. They don't mention their source for the XML file nor do they
> publish it, so I assume this must have been provided confidentially to
> them by IBM. Perhaps contacting the project authors would provide some
> leads?
> [1] https://github.com/rems-project/sail
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